Dead December…

If you’ve ever worked in retail, December can go one of two ways- either crazy awesome or it’s waaay slow.

Historically for me, Decembers are “meh”. Quite slow. I take time off… other people are busy at events and with family etc… I definitely did not work too much this December but if a meh month is $10k+ where I am at in my business then I will take it! 

Maybe $300 bucks could change your financial situation right now. That’s where we all begin! I know this helped me during those times where it seems extra long between pay periods! You just need to sell 134 pieces in a month to profit $300! That winds up averaging out to 31 pieces per week!! YOU CAN DO THAT!

What’s the catch? You have to show up, build relationships, and decide that your business is all you focus on and no one else and nothing else matters (meaning naysayers or drama or people who make you doubt yourself and what you’re doing). You have to commit and then be patient. It will be pay off!

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